Welcome to Performance And Recovery(PAR) Acupuncture

…An integrative private practice to change the world one patient at a time.

We’re Austin’s premier Integrative Medical Practice, specializing in eliminating the root causes of ongoing pain and chronic disease with a highly educated specialist, trained in advanced techniques.

Our patients have generally searched for years, visiting multiple doctors, specialists and alternative medical practitioners, for the solutions that we provide: for the dreaded “Tech Neck” shoulder and upper back pain, and any other unyielding chronic pain.

Imagine your life…

  • FREE of pain!
  • Filled with ABUNDANT ENERGY so that you get out of bed, not only ready but eager for the day ahead!
  • Happy and stress-free because hormones are balanced and your nervous system is relaxed, providing peaceful, easy sleep.

How we can help...

We combine groundbreaking conventional Western medical knowledge, known as “Functional Medicine,” with ancient Eastern “war-time” Medicine, utilizing objective measures such as blood pressure and lab work and expect not only improvement to your chief concern, but overall improvement to your general health as well as your lab tests.

We achieve results where others have not, by not only determining the root cause, but by understanding the connection of that root cause to all current symptoms. By resolving this underlying reason or reasons, you will experience systemic improvement in your overall health as well as your chief concerns.

For example, people are surprised that as we resolve years of knee or shoulder pain or headaches, that they simultaneously find they no longer require a number of medications.

Just like you, I suffered for years…


Adrian is dedicated to work at this level to achieve the results you have been unable to obtain because he knows what it means to suffer from symptoms that no one seems able to resolve.  As the result of an auto accident, Adrian spent years suffering from upper back, neck and shoulder pain, trying countless therapies which all failed him.

Again, after a martial arts injury, Adrian was told he would need knee surgery and that his career running two martial arts schools would end. After the closing of two Kung Fu Academies, Adrian was rejected from the military special forces because of a history of asthma.

Now he's a runner, free of asthma and knee pain, and no longer suffering from chronic pain. This medicine works!

About PAR Acupuncture

Adrian originally founded PAR Acupuncture with the goal of mainstreaming acupuncture into the standard of care by treating the active members of society. However, he quickly learned that treating one patient at a time is not fast enough. Therefore, a portion of the profits goes towards scholarships and sponsoring new practitioners to open more offices. Learn more about our Vision.

Additionally, Adrian treats childhood asthma patients for FREE having suffered from it himself as a child. Click HERE to learn more.

Credentials:  Adrian J. Abascal, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M., MSAOM

  • Founder + Medical Director of PAR Acupuncture
  • Author of the “Rapid Recovery Resource” a guide to maximize the body’s healing potential.
  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (Dipl.O.M.)
    • A Prestigious National Certification: National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) 
    • Diplomate: /ˈdipləˌmat/  1. a person who holds a diploma, especially a doctor certified as a specialist by a board of examiners.  (see Webster)
    • 4 national board examinations
      • Biomedical – “western medicine”, diagnosis, lab tests, drugs, surgery, etc..
      • Foundations – Diagnosis, theory, and evaluation
      • Acupuncture – safety, locations, depth, angle, technique, point prescriptions.
      • Botanical Medicine – safety, properties, formulation, dispensing
  • Master of Science of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAOM) at Texas Health and Science University
    • 3,500 hours of training completed within 10 semesters, equivalent to 5 years of post-graduate training.
    • 3 years of clinical experience at university clinic.
    • 450+ treatments conducted
    • 20 years of Martial Arts experience

See More about Adrian Here


Advanced Training 

Adrian specializes in pain relief studying under United States’ foremost medical authorities of chronic pain, Caroline Burdulis LAc and Bryan Watrous LAc.
Bryan Watrous is a student to the world-famous Dr. Robert Chu, who treats the USA Olympic team. Caroline Burdulis is a root-cause expert who teaches attacking chronic pain from an autoimmune direction, a student of Dr. Heiner Freuhauf and Bob Flaws.

Adrian also studies under the premier medical authority for upper back, neck, and shoulder pain, Dr. Justin Mandel , founder and pioneer of the TrapEAZE Technique which is the only drug-free therapy for trapezius pain.
Adrian draws from the 43+ years of combined experience of all his mentors with over 46,000 treatments integrating the most effective drug-free therapies that exist in the world!

The Observational Study

Adrian is conducting a trial for the dreaded, “tech neck” pain that affects professionals who are frustrated with constant neck and shoulder pain. Space for participants in this study is extremely limited.

Not everyone will meet the eligibility criteria however you can take the self diagnosis test to see if you will be a good candidate. Click HERE.