What is Acupressure?

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Acupressure points are by far the most ancient form of medicine. It is so ancient and so primal that you are born knowing how to do acupressure. It’s in your DNA! In the video below you’ll learn more about the history of acupressure, check it out!

Acupressure points are typically prescribed by acupuncturists for the patient to use on themselves at home. Today everyone from oncologists to psychotherapists are using acupressure to help their patients without the use of dangerous drugs. Which is increasing in popularity as the CDC announces the opioid epidemic

It’s in your DNA.

Acupressure is considered by many to be the most ancient form of medicine. If you’ve ever hit your funny bone or bumped your shin your natural reaction is to rub that point of contact to make it feel better. It is considered instinctual. Did your parents teach you to rub your shins if you’ve ever bumped them? Of course not! You just know to do it. It’s in your DNA. That natural human reaction to rub a sore spot is the beginning of acupressure.

Because of this uniquely human instinct; using the hands is without a doubt the first form of therapy in the world. What ancient man observed over thousands of years of using the hands is that certain points when palpated were especially tender under circumstances other than when you hit your funny bone.

Acupressure Points in Ancient China:

Four thousand years ago in ancient China those tender spots were called Ahshi points, literally meaning “Ouch, yes”. They must have noticed that certain spots were tender in situations when there was conditions like a stuffy nose or nausea. That was the beginning of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it was first written about in the Yellow emperor’s classic where the TCM doctor explains medicine to the emperor. As time went on in China acupressure became more advanced and more advanced tools started to be used other than the hands. Additionally the points were being charted and measured for future use. This would later become the points used for acupuncture!

Acupressure Points in The Ancient West:

Do you remember Otzi the prehistoric man found frozen in ice in the Austrian alps? Finding his body had a wealth of information in everything from tools of the time to diseases of the time!  One of the biggest discoveries were some tattoos on his body in peculiar places. After being studied by certain kinds of acupuncture doctors they figured those points were ancient acupressure spots. His healers applied non-decorative tattoos on strategic points over his body, likely spots marked so that he could rub them to help him deal with pain and other ailments. He lived 2000 years before the first written record of acupressure in China!Otzi

Acupressure Points in Modern Medicine

Over one hundred years ago in the west we finally recognized acupressure points in modern medicine. It was first described as referral pain. The points were measured and charted and described as ‘pain caused in a part of the body by something else.’ Check out the excellent article about it and Dry Needling by David Legge.

Acupressure Points Today

Today we still use acupressure and it’s quite effective. Psychotherapists and psychologists use acupressure to help their patient’s overcome emotional issues.  It’s also used by oncologists to prescribe for their patient’s to do at home. However the best practitioners of acupressure are acupuncturists.  There are even people who specialize in acupressure, it’s called Tui Na! There is a practitioner of Tui Na here in Austin, TX who’s quite popular, check out Paula Bruno and see her post about acupressure.

So now you know some of the history of acupressure, and you know that tender points is how they are found, you also know that the best points have been charted nicely in both the east and in the west. What you don’t know is the proper application, tools used, and techniques. Make sure you subscribe to this website and we’ll email you updated articles about the healing techniques that Keep You Moving Forward.

The most informative book on acupressure, its history, as well its development into acupuncture is written by a famous acupuncturist named Matthew Bauer. His source work is fantastic, the research he goes over is mind boggling, and 100% of his profits from the sale of that book go to the non-for-profit Acupuncture Now Foundation.