The Acupuncture Conspiracy

Professors, physicians, university presidents, and politicians seem to put their reputations on the line publishing lies about acupuncture. But why? Is there an Acupuncture Conspiracy? Everywhere I turn there is some misleading propaganda or diversions designed to weaken acupuncture. I am convinced there is a war against acupuncture: and there is serious money involved.

There are very clear, yet not so obvious, reasons why there would be a war against acupuncture.  Knowing those reasons can help the curious general public as well as the practitioner understand why acupuncture is such a serious threat to the medical establishment.  It is my hope that this article will help everyone make good decisions around all the conflicting information floating around on the internet.war on acupuncture [587550]

Reason #1: Acupuncture, because it is drug free, safe, and clinically proven, poses a serious risk to the bottom line of the medical money making machine.

Reason #2: The wild clinical success of acupuncture and the mysteries as to why that success happens exposes the fact that there is more about the body that we don’t know than there is science to back up what we do know. We’re not as advanced as we’re told. Just because science isn’t advanced enough to figure out why acupuncture and certain botanical medicines work doesn’t mean they are not effective.  If people knew how unscientific allopathic medicine actually is they may not give all their money for a dangerous $30,000 surgery that may be resolved with a little TLC. (See: Knee Surgeries are Unnecessary)
War pill

Reason #3: Acupuncturists are cheaper to train. Medical schools of allopathic medicine charge upwards of $350,000+++ to become a MD. Some doctors get out of school with over $1,000,000 to pay back! However medical schools for holistic medicine, like acupuncture, are far cheaper. (Some MDs turned Acu even report it to be more challenging!) My medical school for acupuncture cost me, at the time, about $55,000. Even today it’s not much more than that. (

Reason #4: Medical Error has been discovered to be the #3 cause of death in America. (Check out the stats on our Vision) This statistic has been conveniently ignored by our domestic medical journals (JAMA being one of them. You’ll see a Jama reference later in this article). It was published in the British Medical Journal in 2016. Why is a foreign medical journal publishing American death statistics? Because they are trying to hide something. Acupuncture is, in my opinion, the #1 preventative to deaths due to medical error, particularly deaths related to pain drugs. This fact makes acupuncture a major threat to the medical establishment. Now with opioid deaths becoming a national emergency, acupuncture is poised to grow.

Who’s pocketbook gets hurt by the rise of Acupuncture? (The fastest growing medical field in the USA)

  1. The drug companies, who every day lose tremendous business to acupuncture.
  2. Medical schools, who want more paying students.
  3. Malpractice insurance companies, who want more doctors to pay up.
  4. Certain doctors (not all), who conduct needless surgeries to make their BMW payment.
  5. Medical supply companies, who provide the machinery and equipment.
  6. Mainstream media, whose chief income comes from advertising dollars from the medical industry.
  7. Politicians, whose campaigns are financed by the medical industry. (See 2017 Texas Election Results)
  8. Shareholders, who own parts of the businesses on this list that would lose value if profits ever were to decline.
  9. Billing and collection companies, who destroy the credit of those who get stuck with impossible to pay medical bills.

War acu

Here are some examples of the Acupuncture Conspiracy.  These examples are just the TIP of the iceberg in the war on Acupuncture.

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One case in Canada an unlicensed acupuncturist was using gold needles. Instead of disposing them like someone licensed would obviously know, he reused them and gave some people a non-fatal skin infection. The news media (who makes money advertising drugs and surgery) published reports about how dangerous acupuncture was to perform.


Another case, happened in California, when a practitioner caused a collapsed lung. It was all over the news about how dangerous acupuncture was.  The news media failed to mention this particular practitioner was not a practitioner of acupuncture and was instead a chiropractor! (Chiropractor’s are amazing, I’m not bashing them here) For 2000 years acupuncturists were trained not to puncture the lung (and a few dozen other cautions), so this person was obviously untrained.



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Another tactic of those who are waging war on acupuncture: enabling Physical Therapists to do acupuncture by circumventing the law and calling it, “Dry Needling.” They claim that Dry Needling is “based on science” and acupuncture is “based on energy medicine and qi meridians”. This could not be further from the truth. Acupuncture is the insertion of solid filiform needles into the skin. Qi meridians are actually a modern theory of acupuncture (somewhat modern within the last few hundred years) with the most ancient theories not recognizing meridians at all! (Please check out the article from my friend Michelle Gellis about Dry Needling)

Most Physical Therapists do not practice “dry needling” for the purpose of circumventing acupuncture laws. They do it for a genuine desire to help patients. They are lied to and told that it is “safe” by certain educators who want to earn profits. The safety of using “solid filiform needles” is very believable since injuries rarely happen from acupuncture. But what makes acupuncture safe is not the technique, it’s the experience and education of the practitioner (is acupuncture safe?).  Unfortunately, dry needling is hurting people. Every time someone gets hurt in the process of treating people with needles, acupuncture gets  blamed. Another win for the war.

Bogus studies are even conducted in the conspiracy against acupuncture for the purpose of discrediting the medicine. For example: In 2014 in The Journal Of the American Medical Association (JAMA), A professor of medicine, Rana Hinman, out of the University of Melbourne (which is very expensive and would lose lots of money to acupuncture schools), published a study “proving” that acupuncture is not useful for chronic knee pain in people over 50 years old; which acupuncture practitioners know is just not true due to the stupid large studies done demonstrating that it’s super useful for chronic knee pain.

Looking more closely at the study we learn a few key issues.

  1. The acupuncture was not performed by acupuncturists. Acupuncture requires experience (read more here). How good would a study be on the safety of airplane travel if all the pilots are taxi drivers? Just because they know how to drive doesn’t mean they can operate a Boeing-747.
  2. Chronic knee pain requires more treatments at the acupuncturist than was prescribed to the patients in this study. It would be like giving a person one pill of antibiotics, for a ten day prescription, and expecting that to be enough to fight the infection. We can do studies all day long PROVING anti-biotics don’t work by giving a dosage so small that nothing will happen. Dosage and frequency of dosage matter for drugs and acupuncture alike.  Check out how many treatments will I need?
  3. What Professor Hinman defined as an “improvement of pain” is so extreme that NSAIDs would not even show an improvement of pain! Appalling
  4. The sample size was 70 patients for this study. Another retrospective study, which gets no circulation in the media, with 18,000 patients show the exact opposite result! (I’ll post a article about those studies, please subscribe)
  5. The purpose of the study was to research the difference between electro-acupuncture versus acupuncture. But, because they did not get any good results on their original hypothesis the authors of the study changed the hypothesis to better fit the results found. This is considered to be against the basic scientific method that we learned about in 4th grade.
  6. Instead of writing “inconclusive” for a poorly designed study they wrote “acupuncture doesn’t work”.
  7. Why would a major American medical journal publish such a poorly designed study? The Conspiracy Against Acupuncture.

It is clear that there is a war on acupuncture and the way to fight it is to vote with your dollars. We’re winning the war and it seems we’re growing faster than ever before.

WarUnfortunately in Texas, and many other states in the USA, certain medical conditions require, by law, to visit an allopathic (drugs and surgery) doctor first for certain conditions. Sometimes this may be necessary because some MDs have useful equipment (like the X-ray machine, MRI, EKG etc…) that can diagnose serious conditions very accurately. But other times, like for workout recovery, visiting the allopathic doctor first, is a bit absurd. It should really be the consumer’s choice on who to visit first. The government has a rich history of taking away freedoms and preventing the public from making their own educated choices, especially if those choices take money out of the pockets of those who finance their campaigns.

Allopathic medicine is astounding and amazing and there are MANY very ethical and GOOD doctors out there. I believe that we all need to work together. Just because a small handful of allopathic doctors attack acupuncture doesn’t make the medical doctor your enemy. We’re all in this together!  (Some of my fellow conspiracy theorist acupuncturists even think that this group of doctors are paid by big pharma to publish anti acupuncture propaganda.)

Not only do doctors regularly refer their patients to Acupuncturists but they also endorse it regularly. (Check out this video by DR. Oz promoting acupuncture.) Doctors save lives, every day, seriously. And one day an MD may save your life. At the same time, it may be possible to overcome your condition without drugs or surgery (once it’s properly diagnosed of course).  Medical error has become a major cause of death (see stats in our Vision) in America so now more than ever voting with our dollars is important if we are ever to win the war against acupuncture.

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