Adrian Abascal

Biography of Adrian Abascal

Adrian settled in Austin as an economic refugee who left the NYC metro area after the 2008 recession, reluctantly closing the doors to a pair of Kung Fu schools. As a beneficiary to the unusual healing results of acupuncture, he managed to fully recover from an awful knee injury (from a jumping inside crescent kick) without dangerous surgery or even pain killers, contradicting the MRI-based diagnosis.

These results launched him into an all-out obsession that pulled him through a medical school of acupuncture (Texas Health and Science University). He is nationally certified as a Diplomat in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and fully licensed under the Texas Medical Board (Board of Acupuncture Examiners).Additionally he has advanced training in various other acupuncture disciplines (see Services) as well as a deep interest of “root-cause” based modern western medicines like Functional Medicine (lab tests and nutritional supplementation) and trigger point needling (AKA dry needling). Finally he’s the author to the “Rapid Recovery Resource”.

He is also the founder to a family run home-rehabilitation business helping good people get out of bad situations with their housing  and then rehabbing those homes into “Green” homes. (See Green Elephant Homes) Additionally he and his wife run a plant based “natural” daycare with a complete focus on the health of the children. (See Green Monkey Daycare)