It is the vision of PAR Acupuncture to help make acupuncture medicine the first line of attack against disease and pain. PAR Acupuncture focuses on the active members of society, and their children, who one way or another became hurt or injured. With the result of successfully treating the movers and shakers of society (as well as the future citizens) we’ll be closer to mainstreaming acupuncture – one patient at a time.

One patient at a time is not fast enough,  we will also use a percentage of our profits to help establish more clinics  across the state and the country, and as a result putting to work acupuncture experts in the various amazing and effective specialties from allergies to sequelae of stroke. We also will be offering scholarships to enterprising Acupuncturists who can be part of this vision.

The ultimate goal is to help grow the profession to become a $500 billion industry.

Why this vision:

Unfortunately acupuncture is often chosen after drugs and surgery fail. By this point the patient is also contending with the side effects of either: including addiction.

With the third cause of death being medical error in the USA (See British Medical Journal), children developing chronic diseases like osteoarthritis (See American Academy of Pediatrics), and a massive prescription opioid epidemic killing somebody every 19 minutes (see CDC numbers reported on CNN): It is clear that something needs to be done.

Acupuncture, when performed by a licensed acupuncturist (instead of an unlicensed one) is one of the safest medical interventions available, with strict and difficult to acquire licensing in most of United States. It is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) for over a hundred different conditions (see Evidence Based Acupuncture). Therefore as a solution to some of the above problems – Acupuncture is a great inexpensive solution!

With their advanced and modern medical training an Acupuncturist can also refer you to the right specialist for drugs and surgery – a last resort for non fatal conditions. In some states (not yet in Texas) an acupuncturist is considered a primary care physician.


“When my obsession with acupuncture began the entire profession including all practitioners, suppliers, herbalists, and acupuncture schools was worth about $2 billion. Less than half of what Anthony Robbins nets with his various coaching businesses.

Now we’ve grown so much that we’re a $50 billion industry! Anthony Robbins is also proud: his wife is an acupuncturist!

Despite this, currently there are not enough acupuncturists in all of Texas just to service the island of Manhattan. In just one year the Houston Intercontinental airport brings over $26 billion to the local economy, that one airport creating more money than almost half of an entire profession! As a $50 billion industry, the profession will need to grow to $500 billion to be considered appropriately sized for being “mainstream.” That’s the target I’m trying to reach, with your help, for the profession within the next 10 years.

$500 billion isn’t very much against huge industries like the cancer industry. However our expenses are rock bottom, comparatively. A brain surgeon who cuts out a tumor will have malpractice insurance of $80,000 a year. An acupuncturist in Texas isn’t required to buy malpractice insurance, but if they did – it costs between $400-800 a year. That’s just one facet that’s cheaper. Everything is cheaper, from the education to the tools – The most expensive needle commonly used, the Asp Needle, is roughly $0.25 each. So $500 billion in the acupuncture profession goes a long way and can help a tremendous amount of people.

We can reach this various ways but in my opinion the very top path is public education, followed by many more properly trained practitioners, and finally a large group of practitioners running successful private practices.”

-Adrian Abascal, to his colleagues, 2017


Adrian J Abascal – Founder