Free care for Austin children with asthma

When I was a kid I had childhood asthma.  It was terrible, I could not breathe; especially at night. I remember telling my mother that I couldn’t breathe. She could not do anything about it in the middle of the night. By the morning I was fine. Eventually we did see a doctor. I had a bunch of drugs to use: A nebulizer, a rescue inhaler, and I felt like there was something wrong with me.

I remember one desperate night being afraid that I’d die. I didn’t tell a soul, thinking that what I was feeling was common and that I just had to wait it through.  I would hate to imagine my precious child going through that. So I’ve decided to do something about it.

A lifetime of effects

I eventually grew out of it as many kids do. But some kids do not and they carry around a rescue inhaler for the rest of their life. For me, I had sports induced asthma symptoms that followed me into adulthood.

After closing the Kung Fu schools (see About me) I decided to join the military still a young man in my 20s. Because of my high level of physical fitness and my experience in “fighting” I was lined up to go directly to the Special Forces. At the time this was possible for certain people. Except, because of my history with asthma I couldn’t join. So, after some time, I went to Medical School and became an Acupuncturist.

Now, I have a clinic and have the knowledge to do something about it. It is my responsibility to care for our kids, so I’m going to do it, for FREE.

As a Parent

Now that I’m a father I think about my son and how scary it would be as a parent if he had childhood asthma. I would not want to put him on drugs for the rest of his life. I don’t want him being /that/ kid. At the same time I don’t want him to suffer.

I remember having students in my Kung Fu school who had rescue inhalers. In the middle of class they’d be wheezing from the exertion and be forced to use the drug. I felt so much sympathy for them.

The drugs for asthmatic problems can save your life, don’t have your children stop taking them unless the doctor who prescribed them advises you to.

However, with the future of healthcare being at risk of leaving children uninsured, if we can eliminate RELIANCE on the drugs, we’d be much better off. Additionally these drugs when inhaled are more dangerous than other drugs we ingest. Inhaled drugs bypass the hepatic portal vein, and do not get filtered and detoxified by the liver. Therefore they circulate around the body a few times before the liver can get a chance to detoxify it. When these drugs also happen to be SYNTHETIC HORMONES, we, as parents, get seriously concerned about what we’re giving our children.

No parent wants to give their children drugs. But insurance doesn’t cover drug-free therapy for breathing problems. Therefore children of parents without money are at the mercy of our broken medical establishment.

I remember being scared to die as a child with asthma. Now as a father I realize how terrifying that can be for a parent. Because of this I am going to open up PAR Acupuncture for FREE treatments for children with asthma.

Free care for children with asthma


If your child is 18 years old or younger, suffers from breathing problems of any type, and you want a drug free approach to recovery: call me to schedule a visit. Ideally your child should be old enough to communicate and follow basic directions.

This is not a “free first treatment” that then flips around to become a paid treatment. This is free FOREVER for as long as I have availability!

-Adrian J. Abascal L.Ac.

I have to pay for clinic space and provide for my family also, so I will only be able to provide a limited amount of slots in my schedule to accommodate your child.

Right now there is availability and I will not turn your child away regardless of your income level. Just because a parent is broke doesn’t mean a child deserves to go without care!