What Happens During Acupuncture Treatment?

What Happens During Acupuncture Treatment?

We first ask you to fill out some paperwork, new patient form. This paperwork provides us with details of what’s happening with your whole body, including pain, sleep, energy, digestion, and so on. Also, you list your main reason for visiting and mark it with the level of intensity and/or your description. This paperwork is vital to your first acupuncture treatment.

We will then guide you to a Acupuncture treatment room designed to help you relax. We will then ask detailed questions based on the answers you provided on initial paperwork to determine the best Point Prescription tailored to you for that day. The Acupuncture Point Prescription changes based on timing of menstrual cycle, changes in your body between treatments, and even the time of year! Rarely is the same treatment ever repeated, as every day our bodies are different based certain variables from environmental to emotional.

Changing clothes for the Acupuncture Treatment

Based on this Acupuncture Point Prescription, you will either remain seated or be asked to lie on a treatment table. According to the Prescription, you will either be asked to roll pant legs and sleeves to a level just above the knee and elbow or you  may need to change.

Selecting pointsHow does Distal Acupuncture Work?

Often, depending on what’s going on, we will select points nearest the location of concern. In this way,  we capitalize on the local vascular and neurological function of the body to help your body heal itself. However, because of advanced, post-graduate training, most points are located far away from the area of concern to utilize the entire bodies’ vascular, neurological and endocrine (hormone) system to achieve quicker, more profound and longer lasting improvement.

As experience shows the points furthest from the torso are generally the most profound in effect. We wrote an article about the subject of using points far away from the site of injury, called “Distal Acupuncture”. Check it out.

During acupuncture treatment

A sheet will be draped across you, if required, and a far-infrared heat lamp, coated in minerals to enhance the radiant heat emitted, will be directed toward different parts of the body for therapeutic purposes. Additionally, most Acupuncturists will choose 10-30 point locations. However certain cases will be effective with as little as 2 or 3 needles! Effectiveness is not how many needles you receive.

Once all the needles are in, you can finally relax. If your acupuncture treatment requires retaining the needles for a period of time (not all cases do) you will be provided with a bell by your side to ring  should you have questions or any needs. The lights go out and you have an opportunity to sleep. Most people do thanks to endorphins! Check out this article about endorphins released in acupuncture.

Also, check out this biomedical study on acupuncture and endorphins! All four types are released during acupuncture treatment!