How to get started

How to get started

#1 Health and Injury analysis

We recommend starting with a health and injury analysis. The health and injury analysis is a brief 20 minute appointment that allows us to meet, discuss your concerns and see if we can help.


It is possible to receive an acupuncture treatment following this appointment, and is actually recommended in the case of acute or intense pain, however, it is generally not recommended for less intense/acute symptoms since we have limited information to determine the point prescription and therefore, can have limited results. For best results, a Case Review is always the best choice so that we have the needed information to choose the most effective and longest-lasting point and botanical prescriptions.

#2 Case Review

The case review is a 60-80 minute full review of your case, to cover all the details regarding why you’ve come to see us. We listen to your story of how and ask lots of questions to get down to the root cause of your condition. There will be a review of your family history, lab work, and reports from other providers to give more context so that we can make a good plan for the initial treatments. Additionally, during the case review, you will be educated onto our understanding of what’s happening with your body. Many people seeking our care for a particular symptom or injury are surprised that its origins began some time before the symptoms developed.

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#3 The Treatment

After the Case Review, we make a decision on a treatment plan, either acupuncture or botanical medicine, sometimes both. Good scientific methods say to change one variable at a time and hold all other variables constant to be clear on the results. We will select the best points and botanical formulations, not only for the reason you came to see us, but also to optimize your body’s overall recovery abilities. Acupuncture and botanical medicine can stimulate the various tissues that are weakest to provide a higher level of function.

Since everyone responds differently according to their age, and various parameters around their condition, in most cases, we recommend two acupuncture treatments to determine your rate of response within a one week time frame. Most people seeking our care have on average 50-55 symptoms and Acupuncture’s effects with this amount of imbalance tend to last only 1-3 days initially, until a higher level of function is achieved.

#4 The Report of Findings

The report of findings visit is held one week after acupuncture treatments or after having taken botanicals to determine how your body responds to what we’ve done. It is determined by several factors, both subjective and objective. You provide the subjective findings, for example how your symptoms have improved, and whether or not other areas such as sleep, digestion, energy and so on have changed. We provide the objective findings by inputting all of your objective measures, such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, BOLT score, and range of motion on a spreadsheet to calculate overall averages and trends.

We always recommend a third treatment after the Report of Findings, since, in a group of three, we find changes tend to hold longer, so that you do not experience symptoms simply resuming their previous levels prior to our care. Additionally, this provides enough input to stimulate your body’s healing response so that the change is more profound.