How long is Acupuncture Treatment?

How long is an Acupuncture Treatment?

Initial acupuncture treatments take longer up to an hour and a half, but budget 45 minutes for an acupuncture treatment on follow up visits.

Also, some treatments may take longer if extra care is needed, like myofascial decompression (cupping), trigger point needling (dry needling), or electro-acupuncture. These kinds of modalities may make the treatment be an extra 15 minutes.

Before your first treatment

Before your first treatment you’ll be evaluated very closely to see if you’re a good candidate for acupuncture. Not everyone is. Often Botanical Medicine will have a better effect. Please read Before You Call

On your first visitIt really is easy

It will take about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the Medical Intake form reflecting your overall health and your chief concerns. You can fill out this paperwork in advance!  After your initial interview, we’ll check your vitals, like blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, BOA score, and various other objective measurements.

Why are needles retained?

Needle retention is sometimes part of an acupuncture treatment. THe biochemical reactions that take place due to acupuncture are far more advanced if the needles are retained. The body, when being needled, believes there is a threat against it and begins a series of protective mechanisms to defend itself as well as recover from the damage. It doesn’t realize the needles are not damaging it, but it as if they are. As the body relaxes the fight and flight nervous system winds down and the needles have an even greater effect on the body while it is relaxed.

This is why pain from injuries hurts so much more while you are relaxed instead of while you are active.  Check out this clinical study on the neurological effects of acupuncture.

If you’re curious about how acupuncture works in more detail please check out “The Spark In the Machine” by an ER doctor turned acupuncturist. The Spark in the Machine: How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine