Take the NCCAOM Survey

So… If you don’t know I’m an acupuncture and anti-dry-needling advocate (and an L.Ac.) here at the capitol of acupuncture in Texas.

NCCAOM has a survey that it is important we answer for our profession. PLEASE take this opportunity to voice your opinions of NCCAOM because this is one of the few opportunities you get to voice an opinion they will actually listen to! Big opportunity. The survey link is at the very bottom of the article.

Below is a quote I wrote to them in “additional comments.” Please feel free to copy and paste, or paraphrase as you please. Also, I make updates to the profession on my website and I have an email list, my posts get lost in all the others on Facebook.


Please be aware that acupuncturists are quickly losing the battle against Dry Needling.

Part of the problem is the requirement by the states to have applicants pass the NCCAOM herbology module. This additional barrier to entry FORCES others professions to circumvent the law with “dry needling” because it would be too time consuming to go through all that education and testing just to be able to pick up a needle just to do one style of acupuncture: Trigger point needling.

Additionally the other modules are part of the problem also. There is an over-emphasis on CHINESE acupuncture and acupuncture theory. The acupuncture tests completely ignore trigger point needling and other methods of western developed systems of needling. Therefore those seeking to practice trigger point needling will have to go through TCM diagnostics education and zero education on trigger point needling. Because of this, they are FORCED to circumvent the laws designed to protect the public.