The Rapid Recovery Resource

An All-Natural guide for athletes, coaches, and hobbyists who get hurt and get sore

“Your body conducts 100% of it’s own healing. There is no intervention outside of your body that can do this for you. This book teaches you how to maximize your body’s healing potential, all-naturally, and without drugs.”

-Adrian J Abascal, L.Ac.


The Rapid Recovery Resource began as a simple document to easily explain to patients how to best recover after injury and workouts. Since then it has morphed into a more comprehensive yet quick reference for athletes, coaches, and hobbyists who get hurt or get sore. With so much conflicting information available on the internet it is hard to make sense of it all, this book seeks to simplify that. The information in this book, modeled from top performers, makes it especially appropriate for the professional level athletes who are STILL recovering inefficiently, due to certain myths that are busted in this book.

This book is not about how to have less pain with recovery, or how to have it “easy”. Anyone who claims anything worthwhile in life is “easy” is just trying to sell you something. This book is about overcoming pain without drugs and recovering FAST with some intelligence and at least a little bit of hard work.

In this book you will learn:

  • The 4 phases of natural injury recovery not taught in school
  • The deadly recovery mistakes that even the professionals make
  • Myths about recovery that kill people, every day
  • The top six most powerful tools for injury and workout recovery
  • New science that is changing how we think about recovery
  • The Rapid Recovery Technique
  • Bonus: The Hurricane Harvey Analogy

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Part 1 of the book will be about the types of injuries that happen from training and then the different phases of recovery. The medical convention has three levels of recovery but I use four. This reason will become evident in later chapters.

Part 2 of the book covers what not-to-do. Over the years so much conflicting information about fitness has made it almost impossible to make sense of anything.

Part 3 of the book covers what to-do. It is the “tool kit” section. It will just cover the basics. If this book got any longer my editor would kill me. A separate book will be written in the future about every recovery tool in existence!

Bonus Chapter: Near the end, I will present you with a story analogy of the recovery process from my experiences with Hurricane Harvey recently here in Texas. It will illustrate how we have been approaching recovery completely from the wrong direction and how by focusing on what works, recovery can happen rapidly.

The final chapter of this book outlines the Rapid Recovery Technique it is an overview of everything discussed and how to fully maximize your body’s recovery ability with simple steps.

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The Rapid Recovery Resource: An all-natural guide for athletes, coaches, and hobbyists who get hurt and get sore